Thursday, March 3, 2011

*Celebrate Baby* My Mama's Love Review & Upcoming Giveaway

Little guy's had problems with his skin since birth. I know that he's not the only one as most babies suffer with hives and eczema. Hives go away on their own, but eczema isn't so cooperative. Actually, I'm not quite sure that it's what it is, but little guy's had extremely dry patches of skin on his legs for months and months. I've tried numerous creams including special eczema lotions, thick baby creams and even a prescription cream from our doctor which is supposed to heal any kind of rash. I won't be exaggerating when I say - nothing helps.

My Mama's Love is a mom owned business specializing in natural skin remedies.They use organic ingredients in every remedy. All products are tested to be safe, non toxic and wholesome. They avoid known allergens to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions. Their products are safe enough to eat! (Not that you should try ;))

I received My Mama's Love original product Complete Skin Ailment Curative, which was developed to cure eczema and diaper rash. In practice, it turned out that this skin care product can do way more than that. It can treat anything from above said to cradle cap, minor burns, bug bites and many many other skin problems. The ingredients in this all purpose cream are organic extra virgin olive oil, vegetable glycerin (palm), organic bees wax, organic licorice and organic myrrh. Nothing unknown, no paraben, steroids, petroleum, perfumes, or other chemicals.

Complete Skin Ailment Curative has a cream balm consistency and is clear-yellowish in color (I think it's the olive oil). It's very soft to the touch and very easy to apply and spread. I like this type of consistency more than a cream or lotion because it spreads so easily and you can feel it on the skin. I used this product on my son's legs every day for 2 weeks, until both of us got sick and I took a break from using it. I saw a lot of improvement in his skin. While it did not cure the dry skin completely, it definitely softened it. Once I stopped using this cream, the skin went back to the usual dry self. Maybe my son has an extreme case of dryness? I hope he grows out of it! Now that we are feeling better, I'm back to using this cream. This time I'm going hard core and using it twice a day instead of once. His skin is now honestly 90% better than it was. I'll take 90% over 0% any day of the week! I am very happy with this product and will keep on using it with my son.

My Mama's Love has a great range of products which can cure pretty much anything. Right about now I wish I had their Mama Nose Best for kids to relieve my baby's very runny nose and my own very stuffed nose. Next time my kid gets a cold, I will be buying this product. You can't go wrong with the low prices and shipping rates.

Have you ever been to Skin Deep Cosmetics Database? It's my go-to website when I'm researching cosmetic products. This website lists many available brands, natural and not-natural and gives them a hazard value based on the ingredients. It's a 10 point scale and 0-2 points is considered low hazard. My Mama's Love products are now listed in the database and rate 0-1 points on the hazard scale! Meaning their products as are safe for the skin as they can only be. No cancer causing chemicals or allergy warnings. Sounds good to me!

My Mama's Love Complete Skin Ailment Curative comes in 4 sizes with the smallest one starting at $3 and shipping to US & Canada starting at $1.50. I'd say it's definitely worth a try!

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