Monday, February 7, 2011

Mystery of the Disappearing Things

I know that a lot of my readers have babies/kids so maybe some of you will relate to this!

We live in a simple 2 bedroom apartment. It's not huge and it's pretty empty. There is just the 3 of us, myself, hubby and baby. Since he's started exploring the apartment, things slowly started disappearing. I thoroughly clean all rooms, closets, drawers, etc. And I have yet to solve the mystery of the disappearing items.

To date, we are missing:
Small ceramic bowl
Small soy sauce bowl (hubby says I've thrown it out with a sushi container - quite possible)
Knife (this is scary)
Sippy cup
Large piece from a stacker toy
Large Lego Duplo piece
A Huge Bowling Pin
Wooden toy knife (found this under the fridge just now!)
Baby fork (same as above)

There are some large and some scary items. I have no idea where else to look. My mom taught me to look inside the couch and I've found a spoon there. Just realized that there is space under the fridge and found a couple of items. Where else can I look? Completely out of ideas. And I do check the garbage regularly to make sure little guy hasn't tossed anything out. 

Do your things disappear too?


Lisa said...

Toy box.
Inside shoes you have not worn recently.
under the crib or bed (pull them out sometimes things get stuck bedside them)
In boxes in the pantry?
In boxes in the bathrooms.
On bookshleves on top of books or behind them.
Vast cornors of the house where little ones pitch said missing items.

I have 5 kds and have found many items in the weirdest places I no longer ask "WHY". I am also now short on spoons once again, this happens to me every few years as one gets tossed in the trash by a helpful little one.

Tara Oliver said...

oh we ALWAYS have things disappear! especially sippy cups and parts of toys and marker lids. sometimes I find them under couches or couch cushions (I know those are sort of obvious ones). we've found things at the in-laws or in the bottom of the diaper bag - or under the seats in the car. I feel for you!! hopefully that stuff will pop up sooner than later. :)

Jen M said...

Thanks for the suggestions on where to look! No luck so far, but I won't give up :) Glad I'm not the only one :D

janicebudgellpollard said...

Dont mean to scare you but if any of the things missing can fit in the toilet you may have to eventually look there. My second child had a tendancy to flush things. I lost many tv remotes and cordless phones that way. I was beginning to think the plumber was gonna have to move in. It got to the point that when I called he would just simply say "ok what has been flusheed this time?" Thank god he has since grown out of it. Best of luck on finding everything. I definately know what it feels like to have something missing and not know where it is.

Rae T. (Auqakuh) said...

I know when I was a kid I was a bad one for dropping things down the heat registers and into the ductwork or into the central vac ports in the walls. Crayons, toys - I even poured water down them a few times. Yes, I was a troublemaker. Big time. :)

I'm also reminded that my best friend's son is always putting stuff in her purse which she is then surprised with later on, but I'm willing to bet you'd notice something like a large bowling pin in there. :)

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. I loved being 'bad' when I was a kid so I'm sure I'm forgetting all sorts of nifty hiding or "disappearing" places. We lived in a bungalow so I threw many things out windows too and over neighbours' hedges. Gotta love me *sigh*. ;)

Jen M said...

janicebudgellpollard, my kid does like to flush the toilet. I've never seen him throw anything in there, but that is quite possible for small things. How can you tell if there is anything stuck? Would do toilet not flush?

Rae, oh my siblings did the same with the heat things. I'm glad I just have small electric batteries.
Throwing things out of the windows beats everything though :)

organizedfairy said...

I would pull out the stove and see if the knife fell behind/beside it. I find things behind the couch, entertainment center, under beds. Some things end up in the trash without you knowing it. I always looked under the recliner, then I realized that the back made a sort of pocket that my son was using as a hiding place for objects and snacks.

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