Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lucky and Unlucky Giveaway Blogs

I was just thinking... I've been entering blog giveaways for almost a year now. I can definitely say now that I have my lucky blogs, unlucky and very unlucky. It doesn't matter how high or low entries the giveaway are or whether or not I do daily tweets (which I don't anymore). In a matter of a year, I found that on some blogs I could enter every single giveaway and do tweets and win nothing. I actually stopped entering on those blogs as I've lost my hope. On other blogs where I entered everything I only won one small prize in a year. And then there are other blogs, where it seems like I could come and enter one high entry giveaway a month with no daily tweets and win! 
I won't share my unlucky blogs, but the two luckiest ones for me are the awesome Sweeps4Bloggers and Leslie Loves Veggies.  

What are some of your lucky blogs or is it more random for you than it is for me?


Fiona said...

Mine have been random and more logical, in that I've mostly just won small low entry giveaways, never at the same blog twice yet. I started entering giveaways about 4 months ago and enter about one a day - I'm quite selective. I'm finding it a fun hobby.

I won once at S4B, though I haven't been following them lately. Maybe should take another look. Nothing at My Secret Home yet!

Jen M said...

I ignored S4B in the beginning, because it seemed too high entry, but I've won 8 prizes since July!
I barely enter anything right now, which is fair because I have my own giveaway blog now :) But it's definitely easier to enter, than to have a blog.
I hope you win a prize on my blog soon, I wouldn't want you to stop entering :)

Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

I haven't kept track of numbers, but Sweeps4Bloggers has definitely been one of my luckiest ones! I'm not entered in any of her current giveaways, was planning to do that today but didn't get to it! Should do that :)

I still tweet everyday for the ones I really want to win, but have slowed down a lot on how many I enter since I haven't had time.

mom2girls said...

I win alot on S4B and Leslie Loves Veggies as well - those are two great blogs LOL :) alot are random blogs but those two I win a number on. Great post! I HATE the ones with alot of ways to enter though I do still enter a few of them with great prizes, I really think they are awfully time eaters and enter less of them. I would love to see some of the names I know well post here :)

Rae T. (Auqakuh) said...

Not so lucky with the awesome Sweeps4Bloggers, strangely enough, and I've entered quite a few there with a range of total entries. I am extremely lucky with Leslie Loves Veggies, Mommy Kat & Kids and, wouldn't ya know it, My Secret Home! (heh, if I link your blog on your blog, does it disrupt the space-time continuum??) :) I've had some good luck on Today's Woman Blog too. Fairly lucky with Simply Stacie despite high entries.

I've been working on a spreadsheet of wins to gain a better understanding of it all, but I got distracted and haven't brought it up to date yet. I suppose it would be even more accurate if included all giveaways entered, but that could end up being downright depressing, not to mention hideously time-consuming.

I've been cutting way down on daily tweets and on entering in general. Almost to the point where if it's not actually something I or family/friends need, I won't bother. It was stressing me out that it ate up so much time and I'm finally learning to be a bit more relaxed about it. I've also been hit with a lot of shipping/tax charges lately and that's demoralizing as well, especially when there's no heads-up in the initial giveaway listing. I'm learning, slowly but surely...

Jen M said...

Wow, I'm surprised to see that S4B and Leslie Loves Veggies are lucky for so many :) Maybe it's because there are tons of giveaways running and lots of multiple prizes. But then Simply Stacie has a similar set up and I've won quite a few prizes from them, but definitely not as lucky.

Rae, you'd go crazy trying to write down every giveaway you've entered :) Just keep track of your wins! It's fun to look at the list. I even keep a list of what I've received for reviews. I think I have an OCD when it comes to lists :D

I used to entered every giveaway and tweet daily as well. Then when I started winning prizes which I didn't need, I realized that I was being stupid. Now I only enter for myself and my kid.

I've been hit with a $20+ UPS charge ones, but the sponsor actually reimbursed me. And had another $3 fee ones. Been lucky so far!

Nichol said...

Coming by to say hi! Just found you through TPRP facebook link:) I'm now following!

SweetShenanigans said...

I think it's because those blogs have so many giveaways, it's more likely to win them, even though there are so many entries.
I've won 2 prizes from each of those.
I once won 4 giveaways in a row from a blog that doesn't do many giveaways. (It's not very well known)

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