Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Saint Valentine's Day

I want to wish everyone a great Saint Valentine's Day! Hope you are all having a great time with your families and friends.

I'll be honest with you, I only celebrated this day while attending elementary school. All the kids sent each other anonymous Valentines through class' mail box and we had a school dance. We always had a great time.

As we all grew up, it seemed like this holiday turned into a depressing day for everyone since myself and all my friends never had anyone to share this day with. So we decided to always share it with each other. The best Valentine's day I've had was with my girl friends. Our dates canceled on us at the last minute (wasn't that nice? hah), but we didn't let that ruin our day. We met up, got each other flowers, got a pizza and had a great time :)

Now with a husband and a kid, we don't really celebrate this day. To me, just having the company of each other is good enough. I think Valentine's Day turned into a big manufactured holiday. Stores around the mall expect us to give each other diamonds, expensive chocolates and presents in general. Whoever Saint Valentine was, I doubt he had diamonds in mind as gifts for this day. It's a day to share love and affection. Maybe we should stop feeding the department stores with all the extra money and just spend this day together with a nice homemade dinner? :)

That's my two cents.
Happy Valentine's Day :)


Fiona said...

I heard that in Holland, couples write poems to each other. Everyone does it, if you didn't you'd be considered very lazy or having nothing to say.

A personal poem is more meaningful than a Hallmark card, but I'd be in trouble as I'm not much of a poet....

I think couples should celebrate it, because it is important to remember not to take each other for granted. But in a personal way, not by buying overpriced goods.

Jen M said...

That's a fun thing they have in Holland! I'd also be in a lot of trouble though. Not much of a poet or any kind of artist!

That's a good way to put it about not taking each other for granted.

Maybe if I was more fortunate with money, I'd be okay with presents. I guess whatever fits your budget is okay. For me it's just a hug and a kiss :) But I do know people who don't have money, yet spend a lot on their others halves. Never understood it.

Anonymous said...

Ooh yes, our celebration was treating ourselves to Indian food and a "Happy Valentine's Day" wake up in the morning. I feel like gifts for loved ones are way more special when they're a surprise and not an obligation!

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