Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby's First Cold & Lesson Learned

The little guy has finally battled through his first cold! I was always sick as a kid so it's no strange territory to me. In fact I was always sick as an adult too, but since I went through my first pregnancy, my immune system got a crazy boost and I haven't been sick since (until now and only because my sick baby was all over me). I'm not scared of colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, angina - anything to do with throat and lungs. Myself and my siblings have had everything so many times that I can honestly say I'm a pro, I know what to look for and I know how to relieve whatever it is we are sick with. 

My son however, instead of just going through a normal cold, broke out in a horrible, and I mean truly extreme hives. Allergic reactions I know absolutely nothing about. I don't know what they feel like, how they happen, and how to relieve them. This wasn't a very fun experience, but we got through it. The mystery is whether he was allergic to the virus he got or the Johnson's Baby Vapor Bath I put him in to relieve his stuffy nose. 

As a kid, I remember taking eucalyptus baths and they did help. Our doctor said that it's like putting you child into a bath of poison ivy. I am pretty upset with myself for actually using a product like that. It's the only bottle I left in my cupboard after my thorough clean out of chemical products. I thought it would really help if my baby gets sick. Well now I know better. Learned my lesson and Johnson's Baby products get a complete ban from my house. Their other products I stopped using ages ago when I saw that they contain 2 types of parabens each. 

Anyone know anything about allergies? Or had bad experience with so called safe-baby-products?

Oh, by the way, how it is that while my son was on 3 different medications - Tylenol, Benadryl & Antibiotic, he still had more energy than me? He refused to take his naps and was wide awake at night. He was running around the house and playing with his toys. I just don't get it. I wish I had that much energy! I just caught a tiny cold from him and was on the couch for two days, couldn't even get my head up. Crazy.


Amanda said...

I gave my son a bath last night with the soothing vapor bath by Johnsons. Thank goodness he is fine, but I broke out in a huge rash all over my body. My nose, mouth, and hands got so swollen. I had shots and it's coming back. So now i am on a steroid packet. I am just so thankful he didn't have a reaction to this like I did.

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