Friday, January 28, 2011

Zuii Organic Review

Ah, make up. Can never have enough of it! Considering I've cleared out my huge "full of chemicals" collection, I pretty much have nothing now. I don't mind at all that I have to start from scratch, because now I can make wise choices about what I'm putting on my face. How does applying "Certified Organic flower petals, essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals" to your skin sound to you? Sounds heavenly to me!

I had a great opportunity to try out some of  Zuii Organic's products. The package I received didn't disappoint! I was treated to a lipstick, lip gloss and 3 eye shadows. My first expression of the product was great. Each item was individually packaged in a little paper box. This reminded me of true high-end cosmetics. I took the packages off and threw them into my recycling bin (it's actually a paper bag which I dump out together with the paper). 

The eye shadows I got are Grape, Jade and Bronze. It's interesting to receive random items, as some colors I would have never chosen, but they actually ended up looking great. I tried Grape first as it's my usual color choice. It has a nice natural shimmer and color. When you want a touch of something on your eyes, but don't want them to stand out too much, it's a great color choice. Bronze, ended up being my favorite eye shadow! It's got a deep shimmery bronze-brown color and looks great as a thick eye liner on both upper and lower eye lids. Jade, didn't suit me too well, because I already have green-ish eyes. Even though most eye-charts say that green is great for green eyes, I find that it doesn't work for me.  (All colors are really off on my photo on the left. Used my pocket camera as my DSLR's battery died. What a difference for the worst it made! But you can still get the general idea from the picture.)

The Jasmin Lip Tint is my favorite product I received! It was my first time trying a natural lip gloss and it's just as good as anything brand-name commercial. I'd say it's even better, because it's a natural/organic lip gloss. It's very shiny, looks classy and tastes good :) Some of the ingredients in it are coconut oil, castor oil, palm wax, bees wax, vitamins c & e, aloe vera, rose hip & orange oils.

In my generation, lipsticks are a bit of an item from the past. Lip gloss is a more popular choice with girls these days. But, I've always had a couple on hand, because lip gloss can only give you a tint and a shimmer, but not color. To make your clean up easier, put a layer of chap stick on your lips first and then a layer of lipstick. If you want a shinier finish, put another layer of clear lip gloss on top of lipstick. Sounds like too much, but you'll have those celebrity looking lips :) The Primrose Lipstick I got is a bit bright for my lips, but with a lip gloss finish it looks pretty nice. 

Overall I'm very happy with Zuii Organic's natural make up line. I'd be very curious to try their organic mascara as I have yet to try a natural mascara! I love that they have bright blue in the color choices. Blue mascara is actually not as crazy as one might think! I used to only use gray, brown and blue mascaras until I realized that black doesn't look bad on me as I initially thought.

Interesting Zuii Organic Facts
- Zuii Organic is 100% Australian company and manufactures their products in Australia as well.
- Zuii range of products is based on “Certified Organic flower petals” essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals.
- Zuii products are free of parabens, talc, synthetics, petro chemicals, genetically modified ingredients and preservatives.
- Zuii does not test on animals.
- Zuii is certified organic by USDA.
- Zuii says that wearing their make up is like "wearing flowers on your face".
- Zuii Organic's range of products includes eye shadow ($21.75), lipstick ($29.95), lip tints ($24.95), blush ($28.95), mascara ($27.95), foundation ($59.95) and liquid foundation ($44.95).

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Fiona said...

I am very in to this concept of makeup that is more than just cosmetics, but is also good for your skin. Companies like this have gotten me excited about makeup again.

If anyone from Zuii is reading this, I wish you would put something on your webpage about where and how someone from outside Australia can get your products (sorry if I missed it, but I couldn't see anything). In terms of ordering online, if I can't find explicit information on where the company ships to and how shipping charges will be calculated before I fill my shopping cart and go to checkout, I don't bother anymore. I've been disappointed too many times.

Amee said...

Hi, I followed you on twitter :) Amee from Madame

Jen M said...

Fiona, I'm not even gonna start about shipping to Canada. I used to write shipping details in my reviews, but I gave up, because like you said, many times you have to go to checkout and fill out your address, etc, to get shipping estimate... I will find out from Zuii and will let you know!

Jen M said...

Fiona, actually I just checked on their website and it seems like it's $9.50 flat rate shipping to Canada.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies!! Its Abbi from Zuii here, yes we can ship flat rate A$9.50 to anywhere in the world! We have a promo on at the moment if you spend over $150 you will receive a free brush set valued at $59.95!!
Abbi Zuii

Fiona said...

Thank you Jen and Abbi. $9.50 is pretty reasonable for shipping. Good to know.

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Zuii Organic USA said...

You can get Zuii Organic at !

Smith said...

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