Monday, January 3, 2011

7 Things Monday #2 - Food Edition

With Holidays almost over, I am finally back and ready to blog :)

My first Christmas turkey turned out pretty good. I was surprised that I managed to almost nail it on the first try. Of course there is always room for improvement. Thanks to those who wished me luck with it :)

This month I am very inspired to do some baking. If I come across anything good, I will definitely share with you.

Back to the post topic -

January's 7 Things will feature various food topics. Today - Weird foods I've tried
  1. Frog (tastes like chicken)
  2. Drinking a raw egg (just made by a chicken)
  3. Snails (taste like mushrooms)
  4. Red caviar (the big one, not the sushi type - it's delicious with some bread and butter)
  5. Bone marrow (can't remember clearly, I think my grandma pulled it from beef bones)
  6. Beef liver (not very popular around here - tastes good though!)
  7. Pork jelly (made of pork stock, fat and meat - i think)
  8. Pork fat (where I'm from, it was served frozen and salted and sliced onto a piece of bread)
  9. Cooked beef tongue (it's not as gross as it sounds)
Oops, went over 7! Most of these are normal everyday Russian foods. I haven't had these in ages and honestly don't even care if I ever get to try them again - besides caviar! Believe it or not, I have yet to try the black caviar. $10 for a tiny jar, just enough for one slice of bread - yeah, maybe later...


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