Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7 Things #3 - Food Edition

This edition of 7 Things is dedicated to my little guy. He is the pickiest eater on Earth. I truly believe this. When I try to give him food, he screams like I am about to kill him. I have to stuff something down his throat and then if he likes it, he'll take it. I'm not just talking about real food, he won't even take cookies!

Here's what he eats
  1. Oatmeal (flavored - with whole milk)
  2. Morning cereal (with milk or dry)
  3. Yogurt (drinkable) / Milk / Juice
  4. Gerber Corn puffs
  5. Fruit purees (squeezable ones)
  6. Bagel/toast with butter / grilled cheese / pizza
  7. Plain rice/pasta
Basically, he'll drink anything and will eat carbs. Occasionally, he'll try something like hot dogs (natural ones). He'll eat them for a couple days and then won't take a bite for months.

Talk about healthy eating!


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