Monday, December 20, 2010

7 Things Monday #1 - Baby Edition

A while back I wrote a quick post about my 7 random food facts. You guys expressed in comments that it was fun to read! I don't have too much extra time and writing point form is something I like! It's easy to write and easy to read. You might have noticed this technique in my Reviews.

I will do it by monthly editions (I think) and see what comes of it. I think it's a great way to share a bit about myself, but not overwhelm you with info :)

7 Things #1 - Baby Edition
  1. His favorite TV channel is the music channel and he dances all day.
  2. He is the pickiest eater in the world (I actually believe so) and barely eats at all.
  3. He is the the fastest drinker I have seen.
  4. His favorite toys are remote controls, phones, tooth brushes, keys, etc. (Buying real toys is a waste of money)
  5. He loves to go anywhere as long as he gets to leave the house. (Mommy is the same way)
  6. He hates wearing socks and always takes them off, even though it's cold right now.
  7. He is the biggest flirt - loves girls and never smiles at guys.


Kate said...

I like #6.I bet that won't change! I go to sleep with socks and they always end up off by morning. :)


Jen M said...

Kate, I was hoping it's just a baby thing! Now you tell me that it might not change, lol.
I actually love wearing socks at home (the soft and fluffy ones), but always take them off in bed.
My son hates wearing shoes too :)

Anonymous said...

I love #1. He is so adorable.

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