Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rogers Steals Money!

I've already written two posts about how I was having a horrible time switching to Rogers pay-as-you-go service. It took more than 3 weeks and whenever I phone to find out what's going on, I was told to call back, because they didn't know anything.
I've been on pay-as-you-go for about a month now. I like that I don't have to pay $55 a month anymore! I barely use my phone at all and pay less than $10 a month at the moment!

Here's the FUNNY thing I learned from looking at my call transaction history. On pay-as-you-go you have to pay if someone leaves you a voice mail. Guess what I've discovered? EVERY single time when I've gotten a MISSED call, I got CHARGED $0.31+ for it as a "voice mail received". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

So I wrote them ANOTHER e-mail (which they never answer) and got an automatic response that wait time for pay-as-you-go inquiries is 1-2 WEEKS.

OH MY...

Should I seriously just cancel my cell phone and switch to a pager or something?

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Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Aww your little guy is so cute!

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JJ said...

Your newest follower from the blog hop! Please follow me as well. Thank you.

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Christy said...

We are so happy you linked up with us today on the Tuesday Train. Have a wonderful week.

Ms Bibi said...

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I am your newest follower.

Bibi @ Daily Organized Chaos

Xmas Dolly said...

Thanks for stopping by, and I'm returning you follow. Personally I don't take no crap from no company. I tell them like it is and what I want. You're paying them, they're not paying you. If they don't give you what you want move on. Drop them like a hot potato. I have T-Mobile and I'm happy with it & so is the hubby. Good luck. Nice to meet you!

Tina Peterson said...

I've never heard of Rogers. I used Cricket for a while, then switched to Alltel, now I'm without a cell and have switched to Cox Cable so I can have internet at home. Phone service is so much cheaper - internet is expensive tho. But I like the freedom of having the internet at home.

Thanks for stopping by my blogs today. I'm following you back and look forward to reading more. Thanks! Tina "The Book Lady"


Tina Peterson said...

Hmmm - looks like I'll be following back next time. GFC is causing issues - URI too large? I've been seeing that an awful lot lately. Tina

Terre@savingyourgreen.blogspot.com said...

I have never heard of Rogers. But we switched about 6 months ago to a new phone. The start up cost is high but it is worth it to me because I don't have to have a contract and I can have unlimited talk, text, and internet on my cell phone for $45 a month, or like now I have 1000 min and a high amount of text and web for $30 a month. You can get it at Walmart and I think it is called straight talk you can buy the card each month at Walmart or you can have it auto deducted from your debit/checking account.
I paid $80 for my phone, and then the $45 for the unlimited at first, but now I don't have to worry about ever going over.
Oh and they bounce off all towers so the signal is really good.

Jo Frances said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog; I'm following back. (Great suggestions about watching movies for free, BTW)

MissT said...

I highly suggest you switch to Telus pay as you go they dont charge u forthe voice mail at all you can have 3 msgs saved but thats it. They have changed to charging you for incoming texts thats the only downfall. If you buy a $100 call card the balance doesnt expire for 365 days so if you just plan on using it to make a call once in a blue moon you pay i think 25cents a minute. U can buy add ons with your balance too but if u just want to use it once in a blue moon what I said earlier makes sense. I hate rogers prepaid I left them for telus.

JamericanSpice said...

That does not sound like a good phone service at all. I'd definitely not have them steal anymore of my money.

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Enjoy the rest of the week :)

My Muñoz Family said...

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Heather said...

Heather from Airplanes and Dragonflies, I am following you back.

I would totally switch cell phone carriers and get rid of the Pay as you go, they are ripping you off completely, and then some. It would be cheaper for you to get a phone with Verizon or one of the carriers that don't require a contract if that's what you want? This company needs to be reported to the better business bureau.

Mrs. No-No said...

hahahaha!! PLEASE don't switch to a pager!!! That is too funny!!!! :)
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Carla aka Mrs. No-No
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