Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ongoing Giveaway Linky

There are hundreds of giveaway linkies around the internet, so why am I creating another one? Answer is simple, as someone who lives in Canada and likes to enter giveaways, I find these linkies completely useless (sorry linkies). Why? Because 95% of entries, do not specify whether they are opened to Canada. As a busy mom, I don't have extra time to waste clicking through the links to find out whether I am eligible to enter.

Let me introduce you to my brand new linky. It is ONGOING, meaning that you only have to enter once. I will delete all expired links. By specifying your audience, you will get more entries into your giveaways.
I created a permanent page which you can see in the top menu tab. Once a week I will also post this linky in a fresh blog (haven't decided on a day yet, possible Monday)

- Enter "PRIZE, END DATE & who the giveaway is open to i.e. US (United States), CAN (Canada) or WW (Worldwide).
- Entry must link to the actual giveaway post, not your blog page. 

Example - Amazon $15GC (11/11 US/CAN) 
(If you don't specify who the giveaway is open to, end date or don't directly link to the giveaway post, your entry will be deleted.) 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us link our giveaways...

CJ said...

This is an AWESOME idea! I'm in the same boat...I see a great giveaway and want to enter only to read further down that I'm not eligible, and my "maybe I'll win it" bubble bursts.

You read my mind! :)

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