Tuesday, November 23, 2010

*Money Saving Tip* Tuesday #5 Brand vs. Store Brand

I am a pretty picky and hard to please person. I used to be a big stuck up when it came to the famous "brand vs. store brand" debate. I thought that store brands are of a way lower quality. A couple times when I did buy store brand products, I actually felt ashamed of it. Why not spend $2+ and get a brand name product?

The truth is - most store brand products are made by the same factories which make brand name products. They are made on the same equipment and with the a lot of the same ingredients. Brand name products cost more, because companies spend a lot of money on advertisement and research. Whereas store brand products don't have to spend anything on the advertisement and research has already been done for them.

After I found out the above, I began experimenting with store brand products and was surprised when I realized that a lot of them actually tasted the same and some even better! Now I buy most of my canned vegetables, bakery and dry items in a store brand.

The only product I would never buy in a store brand are skin care items! I have yet to try store brand medication, but I have heard on medical TV shows that they are exactly the same as brand name and are worth trying.

If you are like I used to be and think that store brands are not as good - try buying something and you might get surprised! (I don't promise that everything will be as good!)


Cara said...

I totally agree! I've been shopping at Aldi for a few years and love it!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hello Jen M!

Thanks for the follow, I have returned the favor! Hope to see you back here in my blog sometime! :D

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