Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rogers Disaster

I recently wrote a post about customer service at Rogers. I was frustrated, because I was turned down at their office and then couldn't get through to them via phone.
My 3 year contract with them has expired and all I wanted to do was switch to Pay-As-You-Go. It's been over 2 weeks now and they STILL haven't switched me!
I don't want to bore you with details, but I will post a timeline of what's happened so far.

9/30 - told at a Rogers office that it can't be done there, I have to phone.

10/01 - after being on hold three times for 20 minutes I put in a request for a change and was told that it would automatically happen on October 9th.

10/10 - nothing has happened, I phoned and confirmed the switch and was transferred to customer relations where I was informed that the office is closed. I sent them an e-mail and was told by the website that I would get an answer within 24hrs.

10/11 - nothing has happened, no e-mails either. I phone back and now I'm told that it takes 3 days to do the transfer to pay-as-you-go and I should phone back tomorrow if nothing happens.

10/12 - nothing has happened. I sent another e-mail to them.

10/13 - nothing has happened. I phoned again and now they told me that it takes 3 business days to complete the transfer. And it should switch today or tomorrow. I then talked to their customer relations department. On top of this all, apparently I was supposed to pay daily for my current plan, even though I'm not using the phone and it's their fault that I'm waiting for the change. I said no WAY!

I mean, SERIOUSLY??? I could've gone to another wireless provider and wouldn't have to wait for my billing cycle to be over to get onto a new plan with them. But if I want to stay with the same company, I apparently have to wait for over 2 weeks! Why didn't I go to another company? What's the point? They're only nice to you when you're signing up with them. After that they don't really care.

I've been SO upset for the past 2 weeks.
Lesson learned - definitely can't rely on anyone to get things done.


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