Tuesday, October 26, 2010

*Money Saving Tip* Tuesday #1 - Over use of Baby Wipes

I'm very good at using coupons and hunting down deals, but when it comes to life at home - I'm horrible at wasting paper towels, paper tissues, baby wipes, etc. It's so much easier to grab an already moist baby wipe to clean up a spill than getting a cloth. I'm working VERY hard at reducing my daily waste. 

I have recently discovered that "old school" ways sometimes (actually more than "some" times) work better than what's normal in the society right now.
For the first 15 months of my motherhood life, I used baby wipes to wipe my son's bum everytime he pooped (sorry for the details, but how can baby's poop be gross?). Lately it's turned into a big challenge to wipe and diaper him. So I decided that instead of using 6 wipes at a time, I would just stick him in the tub and wash him. Result? I've now cut down from using 1 package of wipes per week, to 1 package per month! Michael loves the tub and now I don't have to deal with him screaming and kicking while I'm trying to change him.
I actually feel embarrassed now that I've used wipes for so long for something so unnecessary! That's how TV commercials can get to you when you don't have experience with raising babies.
I've been turning more and more to old ways to do things and I'm hoping to keep sharing with you.
P.S. I've also found that unlike disposable diapers where no-brand ones are just horrible - no brand wipes are just fine. I use Target's brand of sensitive wipes and they've been wonderful.

What's your take on cleaning "dirty" babies?


momondealz said...

There are also "recipes" for homemade baby wipes on the web if you google it. Thanks for the follow at Momondealz! I hope you learn a few coupon tricks by following! I am following you back. :)

Katie said...

i used to use Target's wipes, but with coupons & sales I can get huggies wipes much cheaper and they're much thicker- so i don't have to use nearly as many= less waste!

Jen M said...

Katie, I live in Canada, but love going to shop at Target. It's hard for me to track sales and find coupons (besides the printable ones), so when I get there, their brand is usually cheaper *sigh*.

momondealz, thanks for your comment. I've seen some recipes, but never actually did anything. I figured if they ask for paper towels, I might as well buy wipes! Maybe there are some other ones of course ;)

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